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The previous Proevents website was poorly designed- too wordy, and difficult to navigate. It lacked the essential features required for a modern website, like mobile optimization, fast loading, and a CMS solution for displaying event information. We achieved the goal of creating an engaging site by using a deep colour combination and eye-catching photography that mirrored the excitement of the events it featured.

Jo wanted to link directly to event websites from individual event pages. By designating those links to open in a new tab, each customer will return to the Proevents website when they close the tab.

By incorporating Proevents’ existing branding, we developed the site to reflect the business’s visual identity. The bold red and the font “raleway” used throughout the site were already present in her logo and signage, which provided a strong visual connection to the Proevents brand.

The previous site was not mobile-optimized, and was difficult to read and navigate on mobile. We made sure that from the beginning Jos site was optimized for all devices, from large displays to small phones.

Using modern web technologies, we leveraged a fun and interactive way to browse the different events Proevents offers.

By providing Jo with a managed CMS, it allowed her to make any simple changes to her website content effortlessly. Using a CMS is great for removing some of the barrier between clients and their websites.

“Liam is a very proactive and reliable person to work with, he sets out to achieve work in a timely manner. He's a talented web and graphic designer who takes time to understand issues and looks for solutions when challenged by a client problem. His work is both professional and creative, I would recommend him to anyone looking for a new website or design work.” - Jo, Proevents

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