Building certification & planning

Supremegroup provides building planning, consulting, and certification services. A consistent trait of their branding is the stylishness of their presentation. Examples include custom high-vis on site uniforms and sleek signwriting on trucks. Their old site lacked this stylishness and wasn't clearly navigable. The website brief was very open, they wanted something that would attract the same attention as their other branding efforts.

Part of the job involved creating a fresh logo for the team. I used lottie animation to create an intro for the site that would be engaging, and grab visitors attention.

The whole site lives on one page, meaning users aren't confronted with a complex page structure- as you scroll, different information and images are presented to users in sections.

The website has a custom navigation bar that guides users through the site. Floating on the right hand side of the screen, the bar gives users easy navigation of the site as well as a visual cue of their current location on the page.

An interactive project gallery that featured 9 of their best projects was built for the site. A classy, modern interpretation of a classic gallery fits the sleek vibe perfectly.

As with all the sites we build at Select, mobile optimization is very important. I managed to get this complex, interesting site to scale in a way that felt natural and easy.

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