The Carpet Specialists

Carpet supply & installation

Graeme wanted to get his carpet business online, and felt it was the perfect time to do so as he was shifting locations, renaming his business, and refocusing from his carpet repair work to carpet supply work. We needed to make sure that the carpets he supplied were all featured, as well as his services laying, restretching and repairing carpet in the Bay of Plenty. The design and build of this project was completed on a very tight schedule, yet we still managed to achieve a high level of quality to the site.

We made sure that the sites colour scheme matched the new, upmarket branding that The Carpet Specialists had just pivoted to.

A priority of the design was to display the carpet samples in a simple, clear and visually appealing way. We opted for a widescreen view of each sample, making sure that customers are able to get a proper feeling for the colour and texture of each carpet. The information box that floats over each sample provides them with the need-to-know information without being overwhelming.

as with all the sites I build at Select, mobile optimization is very important. We scaled this site to different screen sizes while making sure to keep all of the core design elements of the site front and center.

The goal of the site is for visitors to get in touch. We put a lot of CTAs and links to the contact information throughout the site, making the path of least resistance within the site flow to the contact page.

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